Yangzhou is situated in the central region of Jiangsu where the Yangtze River and the Beijing - Hangzhou Grand Canal meet. It is close to Yancheng and Taizhou to the east, Nanjing to the southwest, Anhui to the west and Huai’an to the northwest. This is a small quiet city with a long history and was named as City of Gastronomy by UNESCO in 2019. Fine workmanship and fresh ingredients are the two characteristics of Yangzhou cuisine. Famous dishes include Braised Meat Balls in Brown Sauce, Squirrel-Shaped Mandarin Fish, Yangzhou Fried Rice and Wensi Tofu. The local breakfast also offers many choices from Dried Beancurd Threads in Consomme to Three-Dice Buns and Shumai. Many of Yangzhou's specialty snacks and time-honored shops are gathered in Dongguan Street and Dongquan Street.
Yangzhou's charm is more than that as exquisite traditional gardens, beautiful waterscape and numerous historical sites along the Grand Canal also attract many tourists to visit and fall in love with the city. The Slender West Lake just compares favorably with the famous West Lake in Hangzhou. What’s more
, Yangzhou will hold the Yangzhou World Horticultural Exposition in 2021 and the World Half Marathon Championship in 2022. Welcome visitors from all over the world!
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